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    Military: Branches, Divisions, and More!


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    Military: Branches, Divisions, and More! Empty Military: Branches, Divisions, and More!

    Post by Eightball on Sun Jul 15, 2012 1:58 pm

    In Harad, there are different branches that make up the entirety of the Harad military they are detailed in this thread.

    Branch > Division > Unit > Brigades

    Haradrim Arms (HA) and Reconnaissance Multitude (RM)
    HARM is the bulk of the Haradrim military and associated units. Oftentimes, recruits almost always come to HARM before breaking off to the others. It is the most general of all, and is by far the most important. HARM offers the best and most well-rounded training, andsince so many varieties of soldiers are in it, you gain good teamwork skills. HARM, though one branch, breaks off into two divisions: HA and RM. Usually, this is the case when circumstances call for specialization, otherwise HARM mingles as one.

    H A R A D R I M |~| A R M S

    This is what Harad typically uses in wars: soldiers. Individually, each soldier is tested physically, mentally, and psychologically in this division. There was once a legend that a single Haradrim soldier alone could kill ten men. How much of it is truth is unknown, but Harad has been known for efficient training. Life in the Haradrim Arms is no different, in fact many say it has the most intensity training out of all the divisions, branches, or units. It is not unlike a wolf pack, show a sign of weakness and the alpha wolf rips you to pieces. Each soldier must be in top shape, which is made sure by constant and taxing training. The weaker ones sometimes die in training, a price Harad was more than willing to pay for a good army.

    To top that, each soldier is sent to the jungles in the south at a certain time of year and is given nothing but the clothes on their back to survive. Anyone who dies, dies. The point is to survive, thrive, and make it back to civilization. This is the peak of a soldier's training, Harad never sends a single person back for the soldiers, they have to survive on their own. It teaches each soldier survival and strength, and that is what Haradrim Arms is about.

    Frontlines, assaults, sieges, full-scale attacks, and any other general open warfare is on the HA. Their job is to hit, and to hit hard.

    R E C O N |~| M I L I T A R Y

    This is the smaller breakoff of HA that specialized in gaining intelligence. In short, these were the more shadowy and subtle warriors of the Harad military. As HARM, the two divisions work together in a good mix of skills and allowing for more efficient warfare. Any form of reconnaissance specialized units are here, as well as agents and insiders that infiltrate enemies. In truth it is actually a pretty spread out division, with units ranging on a variety of skills, most on intelligence. The intelligence agency if you will.

    The Kritadasa
    Who are the Kritadasa? They were the infamous branch of the Harad military that gave the nation such military power. The Kritadasa were much different than most of the other branches. Many were foreigners, strangers to the Haradrim. Though this much is certain: because of the Kritadasa, Harad has not been defeated in battle for hundreds of years.


    This splinter division represents all those who have joined Harad's military who have not been hardened into HARM's training neither are Haradrim. Though there are many of Harad's men who have loved their country enough to join the Icchuka. This division's sole goal is often everchanging, but it is usually used as a supplementary. Rather than viewed as the weakest, Harad harnesses their unique skills that a normal HARM soldier would not be able to perform. The Icchuka are instead bred to be the expendable soldiers. They fight the battles that HARM would never take part. The Icchuka consists of a brave number of men who have willingly joined in order to lay down their life to protect Harad. Of course, the Icchuka is not nearly as numerous as the other branches, and Harad needs more men like them. Thus, the Anicchuka was born.


    The Anicchuka, or the Unwilling, are prisoners of war, captured enemies, rebels, and other similar hostile peoples to the Harad government and the Haradrim. What are their purpose? They fill the front lines.

    All the most dangerous and most certainly targeted areas of the military are filled with Anicchuka, thus when they die, Harad is not weakened, and it gets rid of all of them too. This tactic, now used for years, have led Harad battle after battle in victory. The each Aniichuka brigade have what is called a 'Caretaker', a volunteer HARM veteran who watches over the brigade. At a moment's notice, should any sign of rebellion occur, the HARM individual kills them all. Instead of units, the Aniichuka just have brigades, and they are shuffled around repeatedly.

    The Sahayaka
    There is a place for the more mental and scientific of Harad. This place is the Sahayaka. Those that are within this branch are scientists, medics, researchers, and many others.

    Most of the medics within Harad dwell around death. They tamper with death, they deal out death, and they save some from death. The basic medics of Harad typically in their spare time they play with corpses and such. They also know quite a bit about diseases and other biological plagues. As well as everything about the anatomy of every creature seen in Middle Earth. Some spend their time researching everything concerning these creatures' bodies searching for weaknesses and soft spots to optimize training. There are also many specialists in tactics, war machines, war beasts, and other such things as well, each individually working towards expanding Harad's warfare horizons.

    Azlal : Special Operations
    Azlal is a less common branch, and all the more unique. It is by far the smallest, though also the most deadly. Within is a mix of men and women from every branch, the finest, most elite. The chance of being honored with a place in Azlal is slim, unless you are the epitome of your specialization. Azlal takes on the most dangerous of missions, does the most treacherous of jobs, and makes the most impossible of goals. And in spite of it all, Azlal succeeds. Within are things that have so embraced death that they have reached a point where they are no longer human, they are Reapers of the Battlefield. Indeed, this is Harad's finest, toughest, most powerful of warriors. To engage an Azlal in battle would mean certain death, because-well, they take no prisoners.



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