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The united lands and forces of all dwarven clans.

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Rohan is a kingdom of Men, situated in the great vale between the Misty Mountains and the White Mountains. It`s capital is Edoras. It`s people are known as horse-lords.

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Gondor is a kingdom of men in Middle-earth, bordered by Rohan to the north, Belegaer to the west, Harad to the south, and Mordor to the east. It`s capital is Minas Tirith.

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The combined forces of all elven lands, united under one ruler and a high council.

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Mordor is the realm of Sauron, in the southeast of Middle-earth to the East of Gondor, Ithilien and the great river. Here stands the tower with the great eye.

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Isengard in Sindarin, holds within it one of the Realm's Palantiri. Previously one of the three Fortresses of Gondor, now the realm of a powerful wizard.

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Rhûn is the domain of the Easterlings, Men of Darkness who are ready to follow the Dark Lord and fight as his allies in war.

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A union created between the Orcs of Gundabad and the Orcs of the Misty Mountains.

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The combined force of all Harad lands and clans, they stand united under a single banner.

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