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    Dwarven Ranks Empty Dwarven Ranks

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    Dwarven Ranks Alric-1
    Dwarven Ranks

    Recruit: Recruit is the lowest rank in the whole Dwarven Army. They are not even considered true warriors yet. They can only be apart of Militia Units.

    Warrior: Warriors are recruits who have earned enough experience and renown to be considered an actual Warrior. They are the backbone of the Dwarven Army. They can only be apart of the second tier of any unit (Ex. Dwarven Warriors for Melee, Dwarven Axethrowers/Marksmen for Ranged, and Dwarven Pike for Spears) or leaders of a militia unit.

    Veteran: Veterans are Warriors who have participated in a battle or two and survived as well as completing some basic missions. They make up units such as Dwarven Axemen and Guardians. Veterans are also consisted of sub ranks such as Veteran II, up till Veteran III, which are gained through battle. As they gain a tier they can go into a better unit (Ex. Veteran II can join Dwarven Beserkers or lead a Dwarven Axemen unit. While Veteran III can be a Hammermen of Erebor or lead a Dwarven Beserker unit.)

    Captain: Captains are Veterans who have completed four victorious battles and survived. They then have the choice to join the Dragon Slayers of the Blue Mountains or the Royal Guard(Each of which having their own requirements), or they can be second in charge of an army, or lead one of the Veteran Units.

    General: Generals are Captains who have successfully lead their unit, or participated in two or more successful battles. A General usually leads an army and can be found on the battlefield fighting for the Dwarven Clans.

    Councilor: Councilors are chosen by the King and serve for life unless they retire. They can be chosen from any rank, and in the case of Grand Emissary don't have to be apart of the army. All they have to do is prove themselves worthy. They can take control of any army and overrule a decision made by a General. The Warmaster leads the Dragon Slayers of the Blue Mountains.

    King: The King is the supreme commander of the army and can overrule any decision made by any other of the Dwarven Army. He can also take command of any unit on the field personally, as well as strip a dwarf of his rank if he proves to be inept. The King is truly a fearful sight to behold on the battlefield.

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