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    Dwarven Warriors
    Dwarves have long since been known as famous axe warriors but their are many other types of warriors, they are listed here.


    Dwarven Warriors Dwarf_Warrior_Concept_by_TeamLando1
    Dwarven Militia
    Dwarven militia is compromised of young and old dwarves who fight part time and are not formally trained. They are armed with steel axe, usually a heirloom of the dwarves family, and armored by light splintmail. Ineffective against average warriors unless deployed enmasse they are usually left behind as the last defense of cities and fortresses or a support for more experienced troops.

    Dwarven Warriors Dwarf1
    Dwarven Warriors
    Dwarven warriors are dwarves who are full time soldiers but have not been tried in battle or have little experience. Mostly consisted of young dwarves who seek to prove themselves in battle as true warriors. They are armed with a small wooden shield and steel axe, as well as being armored by light splintmail, with underlying light chainmail, and a steel helmet. Dwarven warriors form the backbone of the Dwarven Army

    Dwarven Warriors Dwarf_warrior_by_egor_ursus-d54gfgm1
    Dwarven Axemen
    The butchers of the Dwarven army, Dwarven Axemen, are Dwarven warriors who have gained moderate experience. Dwarven Axemen are armed with two handed axes, thus their namesake. They are armored by heavy splintmail, with underlying medium chainmail and a fine dwarven steel helmet. Dwarven Axemen easily carve through lightly armored foes and can go toe to toe with medium armored troops but are easily killed by spears and archers due to their scant protection.

    Dwarven Warriors 200705162338580431
    Dwarven Guardians
    Forming the frontlines of any dwarven army are the Dwarven Guardians. The Dwarven Guardians are Dwarven Warriors who have gained moderate experience and choose to wield an axe and shield. As mentioned before they wield a single one handed axe and a big wooden shield. They were plate armor, with underlying medium chainmail, and a helm made of fine dwarven steel to protect against an enemies attacks. Dwarven Guardians can hold their own against most attacks, and are slightly more effective against cavalry than Axemen but the short reach of their axes leave them at a disadvantage. They are also weaker than Axemen in an assault, instead they protect against many of the attacks Axemen are vulnerable too.

    Dwarven Warriors Dwarf_by_shonensan1
    Dwarven Beserkers
    Dwarven Beserkers are Dwarven Axemen who have earned a lot of experience and skill. They are armed with the standard two handed steel axe and are armored by plate armor and helmet made of fine dwarven steel. They are able to cut down all but the mightiest and most armored of enemies but their weakness to cavalry and archer remain, but due to their increased armor arrows do much less damage. Also due to their increased armor they move more slowly, leaving them vulnerable in the open field.

    Dwarven Warriors 111108_dwarf_warrior_by_pc_0-d4fhmif-12
    Dwarven Steel Guardians
    Dwarven Steel Guardians are highly experienced and skilled Dwarven Guardians. Just like the less experienced Guardians they are armed with a medium one handed steel axe, but instead of a wood shield they use a steel one. Their armor is also made completely out of steel, hence their namesake, with underlying chainmail. The Steel Guardians due to their heavy armor are difficult to kill able to defend against all but the most terrible of enemies but are also among the slowest in the battlefield due to their extremely heavy armor, leaving them open to flank attacks.

    Dwarven Warriors Galwin1
    Hammermen of Erebor
    The second strongest melee unit of the dwarves, the Hammermen of Erebor are renowned Beserkers who have dropped the axe and picked up the hammer. They charge into battle, bashing any enemy in there way with their massive hammers, taking numerous hits due to their improved armor. They are walking, living tanks able to dish out damage as well as receive it but they are still vulnerable to ranged attacks, and cavalry charges just less so. Hammermen of Erebor are able to charge straight into an enemy formation and bash a hole straight through it.

    Dwarven Warriors Ironbreaker011
    Guardians of the Iron Hills
    The Guardians of the Iron Hills are the prime example of dwarven armor. They are armored in fine black dwarven steel, refined to the greatest extent, along with underlying heavy chain mail. These Guardians are armed with the standard hatchet and a heavy black steel shield, with underlying oak wood. They are able to take the most gruesome blows and survive, even returning into the fray. These men are used to protect the Dwarves most precious locations and strategic points, for they almost never fail.

    Dwarven Warriors 640x780_5637_Arkin_Ironshanks_2d_character_dwarf_fantasy_warrior_picture_image_digital_art1
    Dragon Slayers of the Blue Mountains
    The most elite of dwarven forces, Dragon Slayers of the Blue Mountains, are armed and armored by the best equipment available. Dwarves of this troop are legends and rightfully so for each one has slayed a dragon before. They are the fiercest, strongest, and deadliest troop the Dwarves can muster. They are armed with a fierce enchanted warhammer and armored by fine dwarven plate armor underlain with mithril chainmail, enchanted to give maximum protection to the wearer. The Dragon Slayer can turn the tide of any battle but they are not invulnerable, if facing horrible odds, they will die. Due to their elite status there are only a few Dragon Slayers available to the dwarven army as a whole.

    Dwarven Warriors Dwarven_Royal_Guard_by_Omuk1
    Dwarven Royal Guard
    The Dwarven Royal Guard is the Dwarven King's personal bodyguard, compromised of 50 armed heroes. The Royal Guard is filled with dwarves who have fought in battle and performed exceptionally well, continuing to fight in more battles until earning enough prestige to join the Royal Guard. Thus the Royal Guard is a troop full of battle hardened veterans and will not even flinch in front of the most horrible foe. They are armed with a huge golden shield, made light enough to carry by dwarven smithing techniques, a heavy silver mace to bash through enemy forces. Armored by gold plate underlain by gold chainmail they are neigh impossible to kill. The Royal Guard are extremely well rounded, not having a pertinent weakness to mention.


    Dwarven Warriors DwarvenArcher
    Dwarven Archer Militia
    The Dwarven Archer Militia is the first line of ranged troops the Dwarven Army has. The dwarves in this troop are inexperienced, usually pulled from their homes once lured by gold. Thus they are armed with a cheap bow, along with a small hatchet in case of melee, and are protected by light chainmail at best. Their morale is low and they are bound to flee if engaged in melee or be slaughtered. Despite this they are able archers, and due to their dwarven strength are able to use the bows to its maximum but they are not keen eyed evils. They rely on number of arrows they pelt on their enemy rather then their accuracy.

    Dwarven Warriors DwarvenCrossbow
    Dwarven Crossbow Militia
    The Dwarven Crossbow Militia is the second line of ranged troops the Dwarven Army. Just as the Archer Militia the men in this troop are inexperienced but are more trained than the archer due to the complexity of the crossbow over the bow. They are armed with a rather simple crossbow and a small knife as a melee defense. The advantage of using a crossbow over a normal bow is apparent in the fact a crossbow is more accurate, pierces armor, and has longer ranges. The drawback is that for every volley a crossbow troop does a bow troop has done four or five if not more. They are armored by cloth over light chaimail

    Dwarven Warriors DwavenAxethrower
    Dwarven Axethrower Militia
    Dwarven Axethrower Militia is the third ranged unit available to the Dwarven Army. They are inexperienced like the rest, usually made up of young dwarves lured by the chance of battle. They wield light throwing axes which are hurled at the enemy at close ranges and are used as melee weapon in times of need. Their morale is somewhat better than the other two ranged units but not by much due to being armored by nothing.

    Dwarven Warriors DwarvenCrossbowman
    Dwarven Marksmen
    Dwarven Marksmen are made up of those Archer or Crossbow Militia who have gained considerable experience. They are trained to use a crossbow and a light two handed axe. Due to their axe and experience they can fight as well as Dwarven Militia but with added morale. The unit is armored by light chainmail and a steel helmet. Dwarven Marksmen, while never as good at marksmanship as the elves, are feared due to being able to pierce armor and shoot longer ranges then any bow. Also due to a simpler mechanism they are able to shoot one volley for every two bow volleys.

    Dwarven Warriors DwarvenAxethrowers
    Dwarven Axethrowers
    Dwarven Axethrowers, are renowned Militia who have gained enough experience to be worthy of being a true Axethrower. While the Dwarves have many ranged units at their command they use the Axethrowers most. This is due to their effectiveness at ranged and melee combat. A soldier from the Axethrower unit is able to fight like a Dwarven Warrior in close combat but is still effective at range. They are able to pierce armor with their axes, and throw faster than any bowman can fire. The only downside is they have to be close and they run out of ammo much quicker.


    Dwarven Warriors Dwarvenspearmen
    Dwarven Spearmen
    Dwarven Spearmen are the primary defense against Orcish cavalry, such as Wargs and wolves. They are separate from the rest due to their sparse use in the underground caverns despite this they are well trained, and armed. Their morale is somewhat high due to the foes they face and their armor is steel plate. Despite this they are weak against ranged attacks and close combat, due to their equipment.

    Dwarven Warriors Dwarvenpike
    Dwarven Pike
    Dwarven Pikes are the best defense dwarves have to offer against any type of cavalry. Their pikes are a hybrid of a pike and an axe able to chop and stab cavalry. They are protected by fine dwarven steel and have fanatic morale. Their training and experience is exceptional making them among the most renowned in the Dwarven forces but due to their sparse use there is only a handful of them.


    Dwarven Warriors DaleCavalry
    Dale Mercenary Cavalry
    Dwarves are not known for being avid riders and for good reason, few could even mount a horse. Thus their cavalry force is small and made up of mercenaries, most coming from Dale. They are trained horsemen, armed with a light spear, a shield, and a sword for back up. Armored by chaimail they cannot go head on into a group of enemies and expect to do well. Thus they serve their purpose as flankers.

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