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    Dwarven Council Council
    The Dwarven Council is made up of four dwarves. The king and three others, each representing one of the three great halls. The King is the one with the power while the other three are mostly advisers to the king. Despite this they do hold some power, any of them can challenge the king if they have the support of the other two councilors. Descriptions of the Councilor are:

    The King Under The Mountain: The king is the most powerful of the council in charge of all armies and able to overrule any decision made. Those who hold the title of King must be of the Durin line, if not they are susceptible to challenge by any of the Durin line. He resides in Belegost and is usually at the front of any major offensive.

    Warmaster of Dor Heus: The Warmaster of Dor Heus' job is to formulate battle plans and also long term war plans. He will also advise the King as to what units are best for which encounter. The Warmaster resides in Dor Heus and can be found fighting beside the king in a major offensive.

    Lorekeeper of Belegost: The Lorekeeper of Belegost has been part of the council for as long as there has been a council. His job is to advise the King on old dwarven halls and ancient treasures as well as to keep the Library up to date. He resides in Belegost with the King and is usually found in the Library located there.

    Grand Emissary of Erebor: The only position in which the council member does not have to be dwarven, the Grand Emissary is a new addition to the Council. His job is to advise the King on foreign relations and to manage foreign affairs. He can be found in the Halls of Erebor greeting guests or traveling abroad, securing alliances.

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