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    Post by Radiwalker on Fri Jun 29, 2012 4:42 pm

    The elven army is composed of squads, divisions and regiments in which the troops are divided, so they can be easily coordinated in and out of the battlefield.

    Squads are made of up to 100 people (counting both PCs and NPCs). A squad can only be made up of people with the same combat style and main specialisation. Meaning that a swordsman can not be in the same squad as an archer. The leader of the squad is the person with highest rank and most experience, unless otherwise specified.

    are made of up to 100 squads. They, like the squads, can only be made up of people with the combat style and main specialisations. The leader of the division must be of rank Káno or higher and be of the same main specialisation as the troops in the division. Again meaning that an archer can not be the leader of a swordsmen division.

    Regiments are made of up to 10 divisions. Unlike the squads and the divisions, they can be made up of divisions with troops of two different main specialisations, as long as the troops within each division are with the same main specialisation and the leader, who must be of rank Thoron or higher, must have both the specialisations mastered.

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