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    Elven Weapons and Arms


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    Elven Weapons and Arms Empty Elven Weapons and Arms

    Post by Radiwalker on Sat Jun 30, 2012 2:02 am

    Throughout their existence, Elves have been masters of making and using weapons and arms. Their skill at forging weapons and armour surpasses the race of Man.


    The Elven sword is used frequently by standard Elf warriors and it comes in different forms. Apart from notable Elven blades such as Anglachel and Glamdring, many more fierce swords have served their handlers well in battle and have no title.

    Naturally, any Elven blade is well crafted and of the higher quality, but when the use of steel weaponry came upon the Elves in Valinor, most notably the Noldor, a great change in the style of swordmaking and the sword itself came about. For one, the Elves developed different ways of making these blades, using the ingredient of steel as a vital part of the sword. The shape of the sword changed, now being able to take on the form of a great broadsword or a light and agile curved sword. The Elves, being great artists as well as craftsmen, are able to decorate their swords more skillfully. Thus, they are able to win more battles as steel becomes common among Elves all over Arda, but better blades are to come.


    The Elven bow is a marvel to behold. Crafted from many different woods, from yew to ancient Mallorn, it takes on a variety of shapes. The first bows in use by the elves were short and did not have long range. As time went on, the Elves became masters of making and using the bow, developing the standard longbow and creating different variations of it. None were more skilled with the longbow than the Silvan Elves.

    Some who became true masters of this weapon won great renown as skilled marksmen in several wars. The impact the bow was to have on both the Elves and their enemies was enormous.

    Being the most famous and most used by the Elves, the longbow is indeed a deadly weapon and even deadlier when wielded by a skilled Elf. The Elven longbow has a far range but is truly deadly when shot in groups, thus having a greater chance to hit targets. As said, the Elven bow is crafted from different woods, each wood having different properties that allow the bow increased deadliness.


    Spears are weapons consisting of long poles, usually made of wood with a sharpened end made of metal or stone attached to the end of the shaft.

    The Elves probably made their own and used it for hunting while still in eastern middle-earth before the Great Journey. After returning to Middle-earth in pursuit of Morgoth, the use of the spear changed from just hunting to use in war.

    While there isn`t much variety to the normal spear, the halberd, which is a polearm, made up of a long wood stick with an axe blade on top, is a weapon which is hard to wield, but if someone dedicates enough time, it can be used to bring down enemy cavalry with ease.

    Axes were primarily used by the Dwarves as weapons. However the Noldor elves, who are in close proximity to the dwarven city Erebor, can undergo special coarses of training under dwarven masters and master the axe themsleves. Although elves might not start crafting axe and probably won`t even wield them as well and effectively as dwarves, it is a trend that is becoming more common, than not.


    Elves, especially the Noldor, developed different types of armour, a lot of which was inspired by the Dwarves. Made from elven materials and metals, the elven armor is decorated greately by the craftsman and offers great protection. The Elven helm is used very extensively, and comes in many shapes and forms, usually covers most of the face and has a noseguard.

    Shields there are also used by the Elves and highly decorated in Elf-fashion, like their armour. They are elaborate and protect the user well. Like most shields, they could be used as a weapon as well as a barrier.

    Lastly, regarding archers, the armour in which these forest dwellers are clad in consists mostly of leather and light metals, offering minimal to average protection, as the chief element in their attacks is not to charge openly, but to hide in the shadows and ambush their enemy.

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