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    Standing Army.

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    Standing Army. Empty Standing Army.

    Post by tommyrawhead on Sun Jul 15, 2012 3:41 pm

    The army of Isengard is by no means the largest army in the service of darkness and can only muster limited amounts of troops in a time of war. This may seem insignificant compared to the armies of Mordor and Orcs which can contain massive amounts of troops - however the mysterious lord of Isengard has made up for this with by training a large number of acolytes granting him a greater amount of sorcerers than any other faction. Warbeasts are also collected and used to help sway the tide of battle and the laboratories high in the tower of Angrenost produce new horrors to engage on the battle field such as Uruk-hai and Olog-Hai.

    Isengards force structure mirrors that of the elves in that it is broken up into squads , divisions and regiments but less formally structured.

    Squads can consist of anywhere from 15-30 units and usually led by a seargent of some sort most often a Human or Uruk-hai warrior but it is not uncommon for a magic user to take one as his own.

    Divisions are made from anywhere from 50-70 squads and are always led by a wizard of some sort.

    Regiments are made of 5 divisions they are led by powerful wizard/tacticians capable of working destruction on a large scale.

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