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    Elion Half-elven


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    Elion Half-elven Empty Elion Half-elven

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    Elion Half-elven

    Elion after his first promotion to Kánu:
    Elion Half-elven Arcane_archer_by_jasonengle-d4w2h2r

    Elion during his exile:
    Elion Half-elven 2t8nt

    Elion as Aran of the united elves:
    Elion Half-elven 149133_115428161856389_100001676162291_113215_1158682_n

    FACTION: Elves
    RANK: Aran
    SPECIALISATIONS: Archer of Mirkwood; Súl Ehel of Dale
    RACE: Elven
    CULTURE: Mixed
    AGE: 971
    GENDER: male
    HEIGHT: 1.87 meters
    WEIGHT: 86 kilograms
    EYES: Green
    HAIR: White, used to be blonde
    SKIN: White
    DISTINGUISHING MARKS: He has a strange accent, because of the years spent among men and away from elves. He has a scar on his right cheek, starting from beneath his eye and going down to his lip.

    STRENGTH: >>>>>>>>>>
    DEXTERITY: >>>>>>>>>>
    CONSTITUTION: >>>>>>>>>>
    INTELLIGENCE: >>>>>>>>>>
    WILL: >>>>>>>>>>
    PERCEPTION: >>>>>>>>>>
    CHARISMA: >>>>>>>>>>

    Enchanted arrows >>>>>>>>>>

    Camouflage >>>>>>>>>>
    Plan Divising >>>>>>>>>>
    Tracking >>>>>>>>>>


    He doesn`t stand up to too many hits and isn`t a strong hitter either, but Elion easily makes up for that with his agile nature and his preseptiveness. He isn`t one to talk too much, but leads well with the few words he speaks and the example of his own actions. Still the years he spent in exile make some of his followers lake fate in their leader.


    MATERIAL: Ancient Mallorn
    RANGE: Extra Long
    FIRE RATE: Fast
    WIGHT: Light

    Curved Sword
    MATERIAL: Steel
    DAMAGE: Great
    RANGE: Average
    WIGHT: Light

    Curved Sword
    MATERIAL: Steel
    DAMAGE: Great
    RANGE: Average
    WIGHT: Light

    Armor Set
    MATERIAL: Light Metal and Leather
    RATING: Average Protection
    WIGHT: Medium
    COVERAGE: Torso, Arms, Hands, Legs and Feet.




    Elion is wise and knowledgeable. He likes playing games, such as chess. However he prefers to remain serious on most matters. He can be very emotional and acts loosened up around his closest friends and family members. His love for the battlefield, bows and swords, was developed at a very young age and he showed a great talent. The boy always strived to do his best and failure had him down on his knees more than once, but he never let that stop him. He is not great with speeches, but rather leads through example and by gaining the respect of those who serve him and fight alongside him.


    Elion was born in Rivindell in 1970 of the third age, along with his twin sister. He was the youngest of three brothers, but also had an older sister. While growing up he became very attached to his twin sister and his father, while the other members of the family were mostly absent from his childhood, he didn`t get to know them and in time, while still regarding them as family, became indifferent to them.

    Elrond had seen potential in his son and had taken him under his wing from a very young age, teaching him how to play chess and shoot a bow. While his sister was mostly busy with gathering flowers and reading about them, which would eventually lead to her studying herbs and using them to mix and develop new and better kinds of medicine, Elion spent his time in shooting arrows at trees and other various targets. He was a natural at both that and chess. Although he liked board games in general, he most of all loved chess, for it was the one game that required the most out of him and even then it wasn`t enough to beat his father. Whenever his brothers would visit, Elion, even at the fragile age of 13-14 would easily best them in both target shooting and chess.

    At the age of 17 he was admitted into the elven army. While being one of the youngest in it, he was certainly one of the most skilled as well. His father had prepared him well and even though Elrond disagreed with Elion`s decision to join the armed forces at such a young age. He was good in target practice, but his father thought that his mind wasn`t ready for the battlefield.

    At first Elrond seemed to have been wrong, as the boy performed very well on the battlefield and in less than three years was promoted to Kánu and placed in charge of an archer division. He often visited his father, but their relations weren`t very good, as the boy`s arrogance grew with his victories and his father was becoming more and more worried that when he failed it would crush him. Elrond tried to warn his son, but he wouldn`t listen, he was too young and stubborn.

    On his very first mission as Káno, Elion was sent with a small division of mirkwood archers, into orc territory. Their mission was to scout the entrance to a suspected passage in the mountains, which the orcs used to transfer their troops from one battlefield to the other. Elion devised a plan, splitting up his forces, sending them to different sides of the cave. He himself did well, along a couple of the archers, but he hadn`t done a good job on observing the surroundings, as two of the other groups were detected almost immediately and slaughtered within seconds by the enemy forces. Once the orcs dealt with the first two groups, they realized there might be more, so they sent scouts to scout the area.

    Elion, realizing his mistake, gave an order for retreat. However it was too late. All the other groups had been caught, or killed, while the archers in his group ran alongside him, only to stumble into a trap. They were surrounded by enemies. His skills gave him the chance to breakthrough and escape, but his allies were swarmed by enemies. There was nothing he could do except run and he did, he ran until he reached Rivindell.

    The mission was a complete failure. His whole squad was dead and they hadn`t even reached the cave, so he had no information to layout. At the gates of Rivindell he was met by his father and twin sister. Being covered in mud, blood and leaves, Elion, trying to catch his breath, explained what had happened. His sister insisted on treating his wounds, while his father simply turned his back and walked away. Elion had realized he had mistaken and his father had been correct that he wasn’t ready to lead, but at least some support, or a little faith would have been enough to slow him down. The young elf confronted his father with that argument, after his wounds had been treated. They shouted at each other and it ended with Elion gathering a few belongings and leaving Rivindell. His father didn’t even see him off, while his sister was crushed, as the two most important men in her life had let their relations grow down to abysmall.

    For the next near hundred years Elion travelled the lands of middle-earth as a rogue. Participating in many strange missions, while also meeting folk of all kinds. He learned the language of men quickly. It wasn`t long before he became notorious as the “Lone Ranger”, for he always travelled alone and rarely spoke to people, unless he found them dangerous, or interesting. He always spoke with a deep, clear and serious voice. He carried a bow and two swords with which he learned to dual wield, becoming a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. He also spent a lot of time reading, becoming very knowledgeable. His meetings with people, made him wise for he began to see the word from different vantage points other than his own. In the first years he carried his elven armor, but as it wore off, he started changing in light armor, covering it with pieces of cloth, which he also used to conceal his face when needed. During his travels he carved a wooden chess board. With elven troops for white pieces and orcish troops for black pieces.

    His failure haunted him, he had dreams of it and it took him a long time to figure out exactly what his mistakes were. With age wisdom came. He started seeing things from his father`s perspective. In his foolishness he had tried to put all the blame on Elrond, who was only trying to put some sense into him, make him realize that he needed to grow up with time, rather than before it.

    Having wandered around middle earth for longer than a century, Elion finally returned home to Rivindell. He came at the right time as well. His father and his brothers were devising a plan to attack the orcs from many sides. Elion, being greeted by a warm hug of his twin sister and a brief explanation of the situation, interrupted the meant to be private council. He explained that the orcs are too organized and would quickly react to such an attack. In his travels he had studied their behavior and battle tactics. They were a lot more organized than they seemed and that`s just what gave them the edge in battle. The attack was called off, many elven troops had been saved.

    Elion talked to his father in private apologizing and telling him about his journeys. At the end of their reunion Elrond reinstated his son on active military duty, but not as Káno, but rather at the lowest rank, telling him that he`d have to prove himself like every new acceptant. Elion on his end handed the chess board which he had so delicately cut, to his father. In the days to came they played many games on it. All of which ended with a tie.
    In the years to come Elion trained hard, becoming a renowned Marksman of Mirkwood and Súl Ehel of Dale. His specialisations fit him perfectly and his new elven weapons and armor made it all the easier for him to fight effectively. In just a matter of ten years he rose to the rank of Thanu, gaining the respect of the elven people and the elven army, as well as and most importantly, his father.

    Many centuries later, around the year of 2912 of the third age, Elion met a very interesting dwarve, named Ulrin. Ulrin was the son of the dwarven king. He was young too, only 15 years of age. He had been put up as a dwarven ambassador. The first time they met, they had a long discussion on the current state of their world and Elion was surprised at the knowledge and intelligence of the young dwarve. In the years to come they became good friends and often debated. They planned on bettering the relations between their factions, using their friendship as a symbol for that purpose.

    While his father and Ulrin`s father were planning the retaking of Erebor, Elion was away guarding the borders from orc attacks and was held up so he couldn`t join the skirmish. Everyone in that invasion party was killed. It took the elf by surprise, to realize that his father, along with his two brothers were dead. He spent days comforting his twin sister, while there was no one to comfort him, their older sister, Arwen departed to the Undying Lands, consumed by grief. The last memory Elion had of his father was their last chess game, which occurred just before Elion set off to protect the borders. In the game, the son`s king was pinned down and couldn`t move from his current position, but wasn`t checked either. At that point Elion checkmated his father in three moves. Revealing that he had used his king as bait, to lure the opposing pieces away from his own target, which was the enemy king.

    A year later, Elion joined forces with Ulrin, after both had been crowned and they attacked Erebor. In the end just the two of them remained, but they succeeded in retaking it. The elf found the corpses of all evles including his father and brothers and held a proper burial ceremony. Ulrin granted the lands of Dale to Elion and the elves, as gratitude for the help and because the elf had saved his life. In the years to come the two would work to build new relations between their factions. While Elion still grieved for his father and brothers, he was concentrated on the rise of evil, knowing that he had to be a strong leader and do what`s best for the elves. Grief would have to wait.


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