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    Post by SachikoEroth on Mon Apr 28, 2014 10:18 am

    Name: Sachiko Eroth

    Age: 123

    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Race: Elf

    Class: Druid

    Hair Color: White

    Eye Color: Gold

    Skin: Pale; almost albino

    Build: Slender

    Personality: Cynical, Facetious

    Bio: Sachiko was raised as a Princess from the time she was born, until the day she turned thirty. Her mother and father were the King and Queen of a medium sized Elven city of Faybelle. She was an only child, and was known for her caring attitude with children.

    On Sachiko’s 30th birthday, Orcs attacked Faybelle. She ran to the castle in which she lived, but the Orcs had gotten there first and killed her parents. She found their dead bodies, and took her mother’s silver, compacted, shortbow, and ran away. The elf eventually came back to bury all the bodies she could. She placed her parent’s crowns on the spot they are buried. Every year, on her birthday and anniversary of her parents death, she visits their grave and prays.

    After Faybelle was destroyed she found this small town and starting living in a tavern. She got close to the owner, and eventually told him who she was. He, being only a man of money, sold her to the Orcs. Sachiko eavesdropped on the owner as he was telling an Orc where she was. She busted through the door and killed both the owner and the Orc.

    She ran away for the second time in her life and lived in a forest. She found a hollow tree and made it her own. One day she ran into an Albino lion, to which she named Seiko (pronounced as Psy-cho). They are not partners, and she loves him dearly.

    Sachiko never leaves the forest unless she has her cloak on. She likes to go to random villages and play with the children, sometimes playing them songs, singing, and dancing.

    Other information Out Of Character: I would love it if I could roleplay with characters from Lord of the Rings. Mostly Aragorn, Legolas, Elrond, Boromir, Gandalf, Frodo. I will roleplay with anyone if you want to!! Just message me or what ever...

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