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    Faelwen the Shieldmaiden of Rohan


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    Faelwen the Shieldmaiden of Rohan Empty Faelwen the Shieldmaiden of Rohan

    Post by midnightgirl on Wed Nov 20, 2013 7:41 pm

    NAME: Faelwen
    FACTION: Rohan
    RANK: Shieldmaiden
    CITY: Edoras

    RACE: Men
    CULTURE: Rohan
    AGE: 25
    GENDER: Female
    HEIGHT: 5'6''
    WEIGHT: 128lbs
    EYES: green
    HAIR: red
    SKIN: fair complexion
    GOLD: Wealthy
    DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Has a birthmark on her left temple and a scar on her right shoulder
    MAGE: No

    STRENGTH: 7/10
    DEXTERITY: 9/10
    WILL: 8/10
    CHARISMA: 9/10

    She can wield any swords but prefers a heavy sword. She likes to carry daggers on both thighs for a quick kill if she can't reach her sword in time.

    Faelwen is very light on her feet when it comes to combat. She can maneuver quite easily between enemies if she's in a tight situation. Her only flaw when it comes to fighting is that she has a blind spot.

    -heavy sword
    -2 daggers
    -medium armor

    A quarter horse named Magic, whom Faelwen raised from the time the mare was born.

    Faelwen is a very independent strong woman who doesn't give up so easily. She is told that she inherited her beautiful looks and stubbornness from her mother whom her father won't talk about. She persuaded her cousin Eomer to teach her how to fight when her father forbade her not to. She dislikes wearing dresses and is seen instead wearing her armor throughout Rohan. Not doing her duties, she loves to hangout and chat with the villagers. She loves to daydream and secretly, she hopes she could find a worthy handsome man to sweep her off her feet.

    Faelwen is the bastard child of King Théoden, younger half sister to Theodred and cousin to Eomer and Eowyn. She was found on the doorsteps of the Golden Hall of Meduseld as an infant wrapped in a plain blanket with a letter to the king, saying that the child is his and her mother died in childbirth whispering her last breath stating that the child is the Kings'. One of the king's most trusted guards who was on duty noticed the baby took the sleeping bundle and the handwritten letter and presented to Théoden. Hesitant, he would let the child stay for now. The king called upon a midwife who stayed in the hall to take care of the child as her own. Théoden was still grieving at the time for the lost of his beloved sister.

    Finally at the age of 16, Théoden claimed Faelwen as his daughter. For most of her childhood, Faelwen was kept from leaving the hall but only to go outside to do her duties. She didn't have anyone to talk to except her blonde hair cousin, Eowyn. Faelwyn would always follow Eomer and Theodred around, and pretending that she was a boy. At times when she's doing her duties, she would watch the men practice from her window. Every night, she would write in her diary that someday she would fight alongside the men and claim victory.

    At the age of 20, her father granted her the title Shieldmaiden alongside her cousin Eowyn. While receiving her title, her brother bestowed her a chest that contained her armor and weapons. Happily, she carefully opened the chest and drew out her heavy sword and unsheathed it her face reflected from the well-kept sword. That day forward, she vowed to herself that she would protect her people and land. Years went by, and she was granted the right to freely go where ever she want. For her 25th birthday, her father presented Faelwen a mare who was just born to take care of.

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