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    Furien Daughter of the Exiled


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    Furien Daughter of the Exiled  Empty Furien Daughter of the Exiled

    Post by BrodoSwaggin57 on Wed Nov 20, 2013 1:52 am

    NAME: Furien
    FACTION: Rohan
    RANK: Captain
    CITY Edoras

    RACE: Human
    CULTURE: Rohan
    AGE: 23
    GENDER: Female
    HEIGHT: 5'10"
    WEIGHT: 84kg
    EYES: Blue
    HAIR: Silver Grey
    SKIN: Slightly tanned
    GOLD: Slightly wealthy
    DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Has a small scar on her left cheek
    MAGE: No

    STRENGTH: 8/10
    DEXTERITY: 7/10
    WILL: 7/10
    CHARISMA: 8/10

    SKILLS/TRAITS: Able to wield heavy swords with one hand and sometimes with both hands 

    STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES: Furien, daughter of a once exiled general of Rohan, was seen as soldier that was bound to betray her city. Because of this, Furien has proven night and day that she is worthy of serving the king of Rohan and has also proven to becoming a loyal comrade in and out of battle as she is very supportive of her fellow comrades.

    -Heavy Sword
    -Light and Heavy Armour 

    PERSONALITY: Furien is a much more strong minded person when it doesn't come to battle, inside the city walls is when she can easily read a person like a book. Even though this helps her in the city, she decides to do things her way during battle as she isn't very found of doing what she is told to do. 

    BIOGRAPHY: Furien is the only child of General Geomyr, who was exiled from Rohan for reasons unknown. She arrived at the city Erodas of Rohan when she was 10 and had wanted to serve the king of Rohan in a way her mother could not accept, by training to become a soldier. 

    By the time Furien became a Patrol Leader when she was sixteen, she had received a gift from her mother, the gift turned out to be her father's sword. The sword however was made by an Elvish blacksmith with the help of a wizard, both friends to Furien's family. Furien had started to notice the heavy blade's power during a fight against an Orc pack. 

    Furien had then later became a captain in serving Rohan's army and wishes to become a general.

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