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    Rohan's Military Empty Rohan's Military

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    Rohan's Military Rohan

    Rohan's military is primarily composed of different forms of cavalry as they are the horse lords. However, they do have small amounts of ground infantry for city defense. Most of these infantrymen are well trained militia, but they are not very good fighting anywhere outside of the town walls. The very best infantrymen of Rohan are the Royal Guard, who are masters in both mounted and unmounted combat. These men are the most elite of the Rohan military forces.

    The horsemen of Rohan are divided into eoreds, any number of men riding as a unit for exercise or on service. An eored is composed of no less than 220 riders including its captain. The composition of individual eoreds differs between regions, but usually each eored is a self-sustained unit with its own scouts and supporting personnel such as messengers and healers. An eored is divided into 11 or more patrols. If the situation demands it, patrols can be combined or split into such groups of Riders that are required for the task at hand. Normally each patrol consists of 20 Riders, including the patrol leader. In the West-mark it is more common for different patrols within an eored to specialize for a certain role, such as heavy shock troops armed with long spears or fire-support using bows as their main weapon. In the East-mark such distinctions are usually not made, making the patrols more versatile in different situations than their West-mark counterparts.

    Troop Units: (Just to clarify)
    Eoher - 100 Eoreds (Full muster of the Mark*)
    Eored - 220+ Horsemen (11+ Patrols)
    Patrol - 20+ Horsemen
    *100x220 = 22,000 which is only half of Rohan's total forces, the other half would be left in defense of the Kingdom

    King - Ruler of Rohan and has supreme power
    First Marshal of Mark * - Watches over Edoras and adjacent King's Lands and from some parts of the West-mark and East-mark
    Second Marshal of Mark * - Watches over areas west of Entwash, including Westfold, Westemnet, Helm's Deep and the Gap of Rohan
    Third Marshal of Mark * - Watches over areas east of Entwash, including Eastemnet, Eastfold and the Wold
    Field Marshals (7 per Marshal) - Two in East Mark, Two in Edoras, and Three in West Mark (Subject to change)
    Captain - Leader of an individual Eored
    Patrol Leader - Leader of an individual patrol
    Rider - Common Soldier (Roles can vary)

    *Marshals have basically the same power, but they are listed in order of number. Each Marshal has at all times one eored stationed at his base of operations to be used as the Marshal sees fit.[b]

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