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    Sirrush the Blue ~ Wizard of Isengard.

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    Sirrush the Blue ~ Wizard of Isengard. Empty Sirrush the Blue ~ Wizard of Isengard.

    Post by tommyrawhead on Mon Jul 30, 2012 5:40 am

    NAME: Sirrush (The Wizard of Isengard)

    FACTION: Isengard.

    RANK: Arch Wizard

    RACE: Maia

    CULTURE: Maia Occultist - One of the leaders of the Cult of Melkor


    GENDER: Male

    HEIGHT: 6,8

    WEIGHT:92 Kgs

    EYES: Gold.

    HAIR: Grey

    SKIN: Pallid White

    GOLD: The treasury of Isendard and he can create more with Alchemy.

    DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Long grey beard. His body is covered in arcane symbols and tatoos.

    MAGE: Yes one of the most powerful magic users alive.

    STRENGTH: Bears a deceptive strength but is by no means a melee fighter.
    DEXTERITY: Around that of an ordinary human.
    CONSTITUTION: Maia are very hard to kill especially permanently.
    INTELLIGENCE: His intelligence is the stuff of legends.
    WILL: Enough to move mountains and make the seas boil.
    PERCEPTION: He can see on 7 planes and speak with the dead need I say more ?
    CHARISMA: Can switch from a friendly grandpa like figure to a wicked old man in a heartbeat.

    SPELLS: He has memorised multiple grimoires of spells.

    SKILLS AND TRAITS: Master of Magic. Spirit.

    Bears all the strengths of a Maia however things that are holy and pure burn him. If one were to learn his true name (which he never tells anyone - all refer to him as the Wizard) then they would have power over him. He is very vain and thus sometimes accepts foolish challenges.

    Robes. Staff. Grimoire. Talismans.

    MOUNTS: A strange living platform with many wings.

    An imp and a black cat that is his familiars.

    PERSONALITY: The wizard is a brooding figure. Often prone to fits of rage and vanity. However he has opened the doors of Isengard and is teaching magic to all those who wish to learn. Once his acolytes have learned things though they are bound into his service which he regulates harshly. His plans are often mysterious and hard for others to fathom.

    BIOGRAPHY: Sirrush was once one of the commanders in Melkors army when he declared war on heaven. Since the fall he has watched with disgust as Sauron attempted to claim the title of Dark Lord for himself. Allying with Saruman he eventually turned on the other Wizard and devoured his soul in an attempt to gain more power to challenge Sauron.

    Now the Wizard has begun to train many lesser sorcerers with the aim of having a legion of magic users to do his bidding. These he sends to lead his Uruk Hai legions and cause destruction in the world.


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