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    Sif, the Blue Moon


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    Sif, the Blue Moon Empty Sif, the Blue Moon

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    Sif, the Blue Moon Sifxg
    NAME: Sif, Born of the Blue Moon.
    FACTION: Orcs?
    RANK: Tribe Leader?
    RACE: Werewolf?
    CULTURE: Warg Shaman
    AGE: 67
    GENDER: Male
    HEIGHT: three meters
    WEIGHT: 2.8 tonnes
    EYES: Ghastly pale blue
    HAIR: Luminous white
    SKIN: White
    GOLD: Fathomless summs
    DISTINGUISHING MARKS: A shining blue elven greatsword hanging from his teeth
    MAGE: Yes

    STRENGTH: Stronger than any man, about on par with a great eagle in jaw strength
    DEXTERITY: Deceptively agile, able to easily bound from tree to tree
    CONSTITUTION: Scarily prestine
    INTELLIGENCE: Failing, he understands intentions and emotions more than complex sentances
    WILL: As wise as an old Wolf
    PERCEPTION: Keen intuition and instincts heighten this statistic
    CHARISMA: Fear is a great motivater

    Considered to be primarily a powerful illusionist, Sif is able to conjure magic of the mind to fool and hunt potential prey, as well as hide himself. There is a myth that says his great Sword is but an illusion, and the blade it conceals is but a normal blade... but none have ever confirmed it.

    Aside from that, he has uncanny swordskill for a wolf, and has command of shamanistic black magic.

    Command over the wild: Sif has command over the mountains, the trolls, the Wargs, the Dark Dwarves. He is very rarely alone.

    Sifs strengths are his wisdom and his leadership, though his intelligence on trick warfare are sorely lacking, mistaking intricate technology for magic, and prizing magic highly. Sif has never killed a wizard, as he respects their place in the world. Those like Radaghast have always been safe around Sif.

    Sword of Astorias: A great blade of increadible size, six feet long blade, two and a half foot hilt made of light elven steel. The blade glows in the presence of Maia... Around Sif, it always glows.

    A den of Wargs

    Sif is increadibly Mystical in nature, prized and worshipped by the orcs for his superior wisdom and his ability to entrance them with his illusions which they believe to be great magic. Sif ultimately is an Evil creature, thriving off death, and destruction, but he's much smarter than simply rampaging about. Biding his time, he's known to strike at an enemies weakest point, when they least expect it.

    Sif, Descended of the Greatest Werewolf whom ever lived is a Werewolf whom was possessed by a slightly stronger Maia than usual, though not as strong as the likes of a balrog, the luminescant light of the spirit possessing him is said to have turned his fur white and his ice as cold as ice.

    Sif's younger days were noted near the forests of Rivendell near a camp called goblin-town. He preyed upon the Goblins there, and anyone who so much as came into his expansive territory. Wargs, found themselves attracted to his location, he fought many, killed, many of them still. But it was not long until Astorias, a Black Numenorian came upon the grounds to kill the mighty beast. Sif and Astorias fought for what seemed like hours, the Numenorian and the great wolf did not relent as they waged through the forest surrounding Goblin town. It was not long before they reached a river, where knee deep, each of them made their final stand.

    Facing down Astorias, Sif felt proud that a man like him existed, he was like himself, larger than any man, as Sif was larger than any wolf. They each bore unnatural strength, speed, and stamina. But with the glowing blade in Astorias' hand, he commanded magic. Thundering lightning into his palm Astorias dealt Sif a wound, which Sif returned in kind. Powering through the paralizing hurt His jaws met the mans sword arm, and removed it. Ending the sword life of the Wizard.

    Astorias, the only human the wolf ever respected, all the while not even human.

    Sif took to the side of Astorias, as a personal mount to the Lord. The orcs claimed he had taimed the mighty Werewolf, but it was more of an agreement. From upon Sif, Astorias could cast his magic from atop his companion, but without his sword arm, Sif took some tutellage. Wielding the Great blade in his teeth as if he were meant for it, they went years together, waging battle, and being a visable force on any battlefield they engaged in.

    Though one day, a wayward spear Struck Astorias from his pearch. Though, almost as if Sif were made of the substance of legents, conjuring the illusions of his masters Magic, he made it appear that he himself was the true source of power the whole time. So after the battle was won, Sif himself soon found himself in the seat of command. Rising through the ranks until he Ate the Orc king of the misty mountains, and roared in triumph.

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