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    Ulrin Empty Ulrin

    Post by Lucio on Mon Jul 02, 2012 2:22 am

    Ulrin Ulrin
    You seek knowledge of our king? Well first you must know what he looks like. Ulrin is on the tall side, standing at around five feet. He weighs a healthy two hundred fifty pounds, most of it being muscle. His beard and hair is of a dark brown color, almost the color of a tree trunk, with his eyes complementing it with its own hue of hazel. His skin is a nice smooth shade of tan much unlike his brethren of pale white skin. His face is stern and cold, resembling the mountains from which he was born, he carries a scar over his right eye, given to him by the Dragon Smaug when he recaptured Erebor. His body is fit for a dwarf, not too chubby, most of it being muscle. His hair is braided nicely, but braided to be intimidating, also due to his age it is a little short for a dwarf but it will grow in time.

    You must also know what his gear is in battle. Ulrin carries two axes, one being his battle axe, the other his throwing axe which he has never lost, both found in Erebor. He also wears plate armor of the finest dwarven steel, painted with green elvish markings, even enchanted by elves to grant the wearer increased strength. Ulrin also owns one of the dwarven rings of power, though rarely puts it on or even uses it for he knows of its risks. He also uses a fine dwarven steel helmet to cover his face from incoming blows. Ulrin's armor also holds pockets for maps and small books, as well as allowing Ulrin to carry a backsack for traveling.

    I know you want to get on to the story but there is one more thing you must know of him and that is how he acts. Yes, yes, I've talked to Ulrin plenty of times and know what type of person he is. Ulrin is a very calm dwarf but despite this he is rather comical and is really optimistic. He is, however, known for being very strict when the situation call for it. Ulrin is also very smart, using the years of training he has received to great effect. He young, though, and easily tempted by glory. Thus making him quite a daredevil, wanting to go where no man, dwarf, or elf has gone, being very ambitious.

    Do you have an image on how he is now? Yes? Good. Now to begin with the story. Ulrin was born in Belegost, son of Dáin II Ironfoot, about forty five years ago. He was the youngest of two which meant even though he would be powerful the title of king would have been passed to his brother, Thorin III Stonehelm. This however did not bother Ulrin as he grew older, in fact he welcomed it, helping Thorin however he could. Despite this Ulrin's mother favored him thus she demanded Ulrin was given the same training as Thorin and after many heated arguments Dáin complied and made sure Ulrin was trained as if he was going to be king. Ulrin, however, was given a diplomatic role at first, trained in the speech of dwarves, elves, and men. He was sent abroad regularly to the elves in Rivendell and there he met one of the sons of Elrond, Elion. They quickly became friends and participated in many talks and debates with him.

    Ulrin, however, grew bored of diplomacy and bland talk, thus demanded that his father for a more active role. Ulrin was still young, in his late twenties, so Dáin gave him the rank of Veteran. He led a unit of Dwarven Warriors, who were a bit disgruntled at having such a young leader. Never the less they followed him into battle. Ulrin was soon sent on his first mission, to fight off a few Goblins traveling to near to Belegost. He performed heroically as a leader and a combatant, slaying many and only losing a handful of men. Ulrin was then sent on several more missions and continued to perform perfectly, soon he rose the ranks quickly. He eventually earned the rank of General and lead his own army.

    As a General he led raids against the Orcs in Arnor constantly until he turned forty. When he turned forty his father, Dáin, decided to attempt to recapture Erebor. Ulrin pleaded his father to allow him to go but Dáin would have none of it, saying that someone needed to stay back since he was going to take Ulrin's brother. Seeing it being a lost cause to argue, Ulrin stayed behind becoming regent as his father and brother went off. About a year later Ulrin received news as to how the attempt went, the news was bad the recapture was a complete failure, everyone who went died except for a scarce few who told the tale.

    Ulrin was then crowned king, due to his father and brother being dead. As soon as he was crowned king, Ulrin began plans for a second operation to retake Erebor. Commoners called him insane, but those who had served under Ulrin knew of his skill and believed in him. He contacted his elf friend, Elion, asking him for help. Elion readily agreed, for his father and brothers were also with Dáin and suffered the same fate. Ulrin, now forty two, gathered a dwarven army of two units Dwarven Beserkers, one unit of Dwarven Axethrowers, one unit Dwarven Pike and two units Dwarven Steel Guardians, and begun his trek to Rivendell to meet with Elion. Once there he met with the Elvish army and thus began their trek to Erebor.

    Once arriving at the outskirts of Erebor, the two armies first had to fight through Dale, the small town under Erebor which was overrun by goblins and a few trolls. The two armies fought through the town, losing about a unit each before they took the town. Ulrin and Elion then set up camp, deciding to rest before attacking Erebor, which was heavily infested by Orcs and inhabited by the dragon, Smaug. Soon morning came and the armies once more arose thus beginning their attack on Erebor.

    Entering the dwarven city's halls they began fighting through the tight corridors, against numerous goblins, orcs, and trolls. Eventually they came to the final resting spot of the armies of Elrond and Dáin, the bodies however were no where to be found. Looking around a bit more, Elion and Ulrin found out why, they were in the dragon's nest. Soon Smaug attacked killing both armies except the kings and a few of their personal guard. The dragon taunted them and enraged Ulrin charged him in which he was then smacked across the room. As Smaug came in for the kill, Elion fired his bow at the beast, drawing his attention. Seeing his opening, Ulrin got back up and sliced at the dragon's neck, chopping off its head, thus recapturing Erebor. Ulrin then found his father's ring, one of the dwarven rings of power, and numerous other treasures.

    The battle finally won, Ulrin granted Elion the land of Dale for Elvish use as a gift for saving his life and for his assistance. He then began the rebuilding of Erebor and the town of Dale, with help from the Elves. Now he gathers his armies once more due to the gathering darkness and once again he seeks Elion for council.

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    loving the dwarven dwarfiness on this one ^_^

    really well put together profile


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