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    Site-Wide Rules

    1. No Disrespecting Other Members On The Forum.
    2. No Discrimination Of Any Kind.
    3. Do Not Advertise Other Sites and/or Things Unless You Ask One Of The Site Admins, And They Say It's Ok.
    4. Read The Other Rule Sets
    5. Most of All Have Fun!


    The Out of Character board is a place for members to discuss anything that does not fit in to the other general boards. The following bullet points are the rules and guidelines of the OOC board, although it also applies to all other boards. It’s not much, but we mostly asks that you follow these rules and respect your fellow members, as well as the staff members. These guidelines will, without a doubt, make your time on this site more enjoyable, so for the sake of all of us please abide by them. If you feel that we should add, change or remove a certain rule, please contact a staff member and the staff as a whole will discuss it in private.

    1) Under no possible condition should you be spamming the OOC board, or any other part of the site for that matter, so please do not act completely immature and waste space by spamming.

    2) There is to be no advertising anywhere on this site, including signatures, without explicit approval from the staff. If you wish to put the link to your site somewhere, please put it in the Homepage section of your User Profile.

    3) There is to be no abusive behavior and/or flaming (aka, insulting) of other members. The same goes for racial, sexist, religious, ethnic, sexual or political remarks that can be considered derogatory. Unless it’s in good fun and the person who’s being targeted knows it’s in good fun, then there is to be no name calling either. Excessive and unnecessary swearing is also forbidden and posts that contain it will be edited to remove the swear.
    Example of “In Good Fun”: Lol, idiot.
    Example of “In Bad Taste”: **** you, you ****ing douchebag!

    4) Discussion threads regarding the use of drugs will not be allowed. Drug use is illegal in many parts of the world and it is not appropriate for people that live in those parts to be openly admitting drug use which could lead to consequences from authorities if said discussion was found. Not only that, but it sets a poor example for younger members of the site if they feel that drug use is “cool” or “the thing to do” based on what members say in a thread.

    5) Do not create threads about what you perceive to be a lack of activity in the role-play. If you do believe there is a lack of activity, arrange some open role-plays and get as many people as you can to join. If you are prepared to do nothing but complain about a lack of activity and you are not prepared to help fix it, if it exists, then do not publically complain about it. The staff is always doing what they can to maintain site-wide activity.

    6) All spoilers MUST be tagged as a spoiler. There is a zero tolerance policy for posting unmarked spoilers, so such a thread will be deleted onsite. If members see the thread and say that they have been spoiled about Mortal Kombat, Prey 2 or anything else that might have spoilers, the person who posted the thread will be banned for one week.


    SECTION I: General Role-Playing

    A. Role-playing will be the main activity of the site.

    B. Posting Out of Character (OOC) messages in a role-play thread should be kept to an absolute minimum. Please take advantage of and utilize the RP OOC board.

    C. When it comes to subjects that could be controversial such as torture, rape, pedophilia, etc., please steer clear of it. You may not portray rape, pedophilia, etc. in any form. Please use common sense.

    D. When you start a thread, be sure you established a sense of beginning. Describe your surroundings including the environment, weather, people, animals, buildings, etc. This will help keep things clear for those who post in the thread.

    E. Show respect to everyone in the role-play. Members, VIPs and staff members should all be shown the same level of respect by everyone. Just because someone has a higher title than you does not mean they are better than anyone else.

    F. The staff reserves the right to lay out any consequence they see fit for the breaking of these or any other site rules.

    SECTION II: Character Creation

    A. Your character is not invincible. He has limits. He cannot dodge every attack and he cannot instantly kill people.

    B. In no way, shape or form are Mary Sues allowed on this site. Basically, a Mary Sue or a Gary Stue will have had nothing bad happen to them…ever. They’re the perfect characters, almost God-like, and they come into stories as either blessed saviors or dreadful conquerors. Nothing bad will ever happen to them and they will either save the realms or take it over, winning every war and every battle that comes their way. The term is also associated with characters who are exceptionally lucky, far beyond what can normally be considered realistic. The good luck may be in such common things as romance (Mary Sue always gets her man), adventure (Mary Sue always wins a fight or knows how to solve the puzzle) and popularity (everyone wants to be around Mary Sue). If there was one word that could sum up the ridiculous amount of power they have, it’d be “uber”.

    C. When making the profile for your character, be sure to make it detailed. When posting a profile, it can say “Coming Soon” but only for a limited amount of time and the character cannot be rped until profile is done. It must have at least fifty words, but fifty words is nothing. Your history should be at least two to four paragraphs long and “he’s a new character” is not an excuse. Everyone has a back story. They were not simply twiddling their thumbs until they came into the story. There is a character profile template you may use and you can click here to read them. If you still need help with your profile, feel free to consult any member of the site with your questions.
    C.1. Please note that when making your character, it needs to be in the correct timeline. Our current timeline is during the Third Age, please refer here for timeline information.
    C.2. Please also note that when creating your character’s name, canon names are not allowed. There should be no one named Aragorn, Eomer, Frodo, Legolas or anything else from canon.

    D. A max of 2 characters can be created, unless they die or are retired in which you have a new slot open.

    Section III: Fighting and Dueling

    A. If your character is killed in a battle between factions or a fight with other characters, you cannot claim that you were Role-Playing a clone, illusion, apparition or robot unless that was specified before the commencement of the fight. You must inform your opponent of those circumstances prior to beginning the fight and he must agree with them. If he does not, then you must fight as your character.

    B. Any attack must be able to be countered unless you have approached the end of a duel. You cannot simply walk into a thread and kill someone instantly. Everyone should be given the chance to defend themselves after every move. Whether or not they are able to think of a defense is up to their own imagination.
    B.2. You may not post things such as “and he hit his opponent in the head” because that gives your opponent virtually no chance of survival and you would be controlling another character. The best way to say something like this is to say that “he swung towards his opponents head”, as that gives the opponent a chance to dodge it.

    C. If your character knows magic, remember not to overuse the magic during a fight and only use the powers stated on the character profile.

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