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    Halls of the Mountains


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    Halls of the Mountains Empty Halls of the Mountains

    Post by nitenovanavium on Tue Jul 17, 2012 12:36 am

    Halls of the Mountains Throneroom

    The throne rooms of the Tribe leaders tend to co-incide with the tombs of the fallen kings long dead due to their antics, the grave of dwarf kings mostly. The corpses burrowed from their stone tombs and their dwarven weapons stolen to add to the Tribe leader's armoury. The skeleton then nailed into the makeshift throne to entice and enrage opponents, but it serves as a cruel Joke from the Goblins of the misty mountains.

    Then there is the Lair of Sif, in Gundabad itself. A pristine room with an open roof which reveals the moon shining down upon it. though oddly enough the sun has never kissed the semi volcanic rock of the floor and the intricate tribal designs which carve the walls. Loyal Armoured Warg Guards and Werewolves litter these halls, while archers hide from sight in the rafters.

    The halls are a fortress,

    but one that is necissary to walk should you need to be heard.


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