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    Orc Ranks // Forces


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    Orc Ranks // Forces Empty Orc Ranks // Forces

    Post by nitenovanavium on Sun Jul 15, 2012 9:48 pm


    The forces of the Orcs are all but simple, with many Ranks and sub ranks They can be highly capable fighters when they are all aiming for the same goal and not lost in a panic.


    Goblin Soldier:
    Orc Ranks // Forces GoblinSoldier
    Goblin soldiers, are well and truly considered the horde, though their sensitive sight and mass produced wares are of notorious quality, but the blades are still sharp. The edges of which the diseases and rust, potentially only make them more deadly.

    Goblin Brawler:
    Orc Ranks // Forces GoblinBrawler
    Goblins who have learned to take a few hits, commonly wearing full interlocking platemail produced in their stolen mines. These goblins have some talent for the blades they wield, and often use two at most times, with bucklers wound to their arms. or even wielding short spears, they can easily overwhelm a man or an ork.

    Moria Berserker:
    Orc Ranks // Forces MoriaBerserker
    The berserkers of Moria have fought dwarves and come out as equals, They've fought uruk-hai, kicking them down long flights of stairs, entering brutal melee's, any higher on the food chain and these mass soldiers would be considered heroes.

    Orc Soldier:
    Orc Ranks // Forces OrcRaider
    Base Orc soldiers, capable of equipping Spears halberds, shields, swords, and other manners of nasty improvised weapons, being naturally stronger than their hyena like goblin counterparts, they are more able to utilise the weight of a spear.

    Orc Raider:
    Orc Ranks // Forces OrcRaiders
    Orc Raiders are well able to hold their own against raising malitia, though not exactly seasoned soldiers, they are better equipped and better prepared. Not quite better trained however, being a raider is more about what you're wearing. Plundering and killing is a skill that comes naturally to an Orc.

    Orc Ranks // Forces Bladesinger
    Bladeslingers have been through proper training at the Capitol of Gundabad, they have become more than just Orcs, steeled morale and loathesome fighting tactics make these orcs vastly more deadly. Weapon adepts and full higher quality armour create a lethal fighting force.


    Goblin Scout:
    Orc Ranks // Forces GoblinScout
    Though not the best melee fighters Goblins' wide eyes are able to see far better at night than even some elves. keen visual senses make them adept archers with even the littlest of training, so long as they're not trying to snipe elves from the sky.

    Goblin Longseer:
    Orc Ranks // Forces Goblin_archer_270x310
    Goblin longbowman are able to make some uncannoy shots given a little bit of luck. They perfer to shoot from high places. Their ability to rapidly scale almost anything comes in handy, these archers are known to lie in wait for days for a target to meander by.

    Moria Sharpshooter:
    Orc Ranks // Forces Goblin_Archer
    It was the Sharpshooters of Moria with their poisoned arrows which dealt the most damage in the battle, using the high halls to lay waste to the ork warriors as they feebly attempted to throw axes up at them. The second the goblins breached Morias gate, the dwarves had already lost to the Sharpshooters superior aim. Now moria is the base of training for these archers, thus, their name.

    Orc Sentry:
    Orc Ranks // Forces OrcSentry
    Orc Bowman, though stronger than the goblin they can fire larger bows but tend to fire at lower accuracy. The orc has a capable arm, and steady fists. But if he can't shoot an arrow, he can always stab you with one.

    Orc Ranger:
    Orc Ranks // Forces OrcRanger
    But orks trained and keen sense of smell makes them expert trackers with a little training in the same ideology of the dunedain. Once they learn to track their relentless pursuit never ends. Able to follow a target constantly. Descerning distance and time of passing.

    Gundabad Pathfinder:
    Orc Ranks // Forces GundabadPathfinder
    Skilled bowman, skilled trackers, skilled hunters, skilled killers. Pathfinders lead Rangers into ambushes and confrontations with arms of steel and strong bows, they are a force to be rekoned with.


    Orc Ranks // Forces Warg
    Dark dire wolf like creatures warped by the darkness of the land, brutal and deceptively intelligent. Some bordering Sentient. They can grow to massive sizes and even develop natural poison in their claws and fangs to do with the rancid blood and meat cought in them.

    Warg Sentries:
    Orc Ranks // Forces WargSentries
    Sentries and lightly armoured glorified scouts, they are adepts with a bow, and spear savvy. But the real power comes from the Warg in this case, the soldiers are just an add on.

    Warg Riders:
    Orc Ranks // Forces WargRiders
    Riders of wargs are trained lancers, spearmen, and archers. The brutality of the mounts as well as the brutality of the riders combine into a coctail of brilliance. Wargs of the mountains are larger, and wild. harder to taim. But vastly more lethal than those who have been beaten and bled. Warg riders almost develop a relationship with their mount, focused around murder.

    Warg Juggernaughts:
    Orc Ranks // Forces WargJuggernaughts
    A recent development however has almost proved an unfair adaptation of the wargs and their riders. A heavily armoured Orc Pathfinder, or Moria Sharpshooter atop an armoured warg. superior cavalry you will not find. Lethal rally points, and fierce leaders.

    Orc Ranks // Forces OrcShaman
    As a side note the Orcs and goblins respectively through the teachings of their dark masters have begun their workings with the dark arts, though not increadibly proficient. They are able to cast feats in which cast fear and death umongst their foes. From curses to plauges degrees of power differ from arcanist to arcanist.

    Use the power of the wild and dark creatures, beckoning familiars to their call, using the power given by the scrolls of Agandaur

    Utilise dark arts and curses to rend flesh and ignore armour. Striking at the heart of mortality with spells which would blacken ones soul. Learned by the scrolls of sauron.

    though nine times out of ten unsuccessful the attempt to make pacts with the dead is not unheard of. Their power is only matched by their successes, but the orc tends not to survive the summoning. If one could they would be considered powerful indeed.

    Orc Ranks // Forces CaveTroll
    Cave trolls are destructive siege engines.
    Mobile wrecking balls which annihalate everything in their path.


    Orc Ranks // Forces Agandaur-video-games-photo-u1


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