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    Orcs a History Empty Orcs a History

    Post by nitenovanavium on Sun Jul 15, 2012 8:02 pm

    They were elves once - Saruman


    Orcs, were once elven people, though not of the immortal seed, they were tortured beyond belief in the darkness of the world by their keepers until their bodies as well as their minds twisted into foul, dirty things whom were incapable of creation, and only capable of destruction.

    though their are legends of them being, created by morgoth out of nothing, to be an army of devastation, that could wreak havok over the landscape of middle earth.

    Other theories state that they were born from vaguely humanoid animals which grew into the twisted evil-minded creatures which


    Orcs a History Lord-of-the-rings-orcs

    Humanoid creatures with sour black blood and dirty skin, of about human size and strength they are the dominant standing force of darkness, making up most of the shock troops. Their arrows capable of blocking out the sun, while their masses capable of making the very earth look like a crawling mass of chaos loosely moving in your direction.

    Capable of Magic, if tought through the scrolls handed down by the likes of Agandaur, the Witch King or Sauron. Orcs are a widely versitile resourceful enemy even though they are scrutenised as being mindless, they are more than capable of ridding the world of man, so long as they had a leader capable of surviving the ensuing carnage. As Orcs only rally to strength, it is the strongest which seems to get into the thickest of danger.


    Orcs a History A-goblin-in-Lord-of-the-Rings

    Goblins, are another breed of orc.

    Smaller and more Cave oriented Goblins they live in much more hive based society, though they have a king, tribe leader or elder to lead them. They are fearful by nature and usually need a strong leader to rally them into any sort of action.

    Ruling most of the Misty Mountains, these cave orcs potentially create the largest standing army in middle earth, though they are individually increadibly weak, and their compatability with magic light, they have been known to be able to wield arcane power, and to have a few of their own notable heroes and individuals which stand out from the masses.


    Cave Trolls:

    Orcs a History Cave-troll

    Trolls of the mountains are large hulking things that have fallen far, possessing little in the means of regeneration, and turn to stone should direct sunlight cover their bodies, though oddly sentient, they are capable of socialising with other trolls, cooking, drinking and being merry. Though Cave Trolls have these distinct disadvantages their sight is also not the best. Disadvantage after disadvantage is made up for in their utility.

    In a corridoor, a Cave troll is unmatchable as a force of destruction. Only really vulnerable once engaged in an open area, these trolls are capable of being just as powerful force with one, as they are with three. Though unlike their forest bretheren, and unlike the effect the caves had on the Orcs, Cave trolls are larger than most other breeds of troll.

    Forest Trolls:

    Orcs a History Sammalping1jn3

    Forest Trolls on the other hand, are smaller and tend to live in dens of a few of them, Several Camps of forest trolls are noted around Goblin-town and come out to play when the sun sets. Unlike Cave Trolls, Forest trolls do more than just shrug off small arms, short of wounds by fire, they are known to regenerate their wounds rather rapidly, and are reknowned for being:

    rather hard to kill

    Though these trolls are far more independant, and are more like mercineries to the Orcs, they are far less utilised due to them not being so destructive, as well as being smarter and less able to be coaxed into a rage. They much perfer to hunt their prey, and are known for even using crude traps to catch the unweary who fall into their territory.


    Orcs a History Agandaur-video-games-photo-u1


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