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    Weapons. Empty Weapons.

    Post by tommyrawhead on Sun Jul 15, 2012 7:09 pm

    The weapons of Isengard are better made than the majority of their Orkish or Mordorian counterparts. And are designed primarily for use by Uruk-Hai. Their distinct blocky style instils fear in those facing their wielders.

    Uruk Bastard Swords: Large black swords that are the staple of the Uruk people. They both crush and cleave their foes.

    Uruk Greatswords: Blades over 6 foot long and with a handle of over a foot. They are incredibly heavy and are only wielded by the strongest of warriors.

    Uruk Crossbow. Mass produced crossbow that packs a significant punch. They however lack the subtlety of bows and restrict skill growth.

    Uruk Axe : Greataxe given to berserkers. Wickedly sharp and with little to protect the wielders from harm these weapons take limbs of like twigs.

    Defenders hammers: Enchanted one handed hammers these instruments hit with an unatural amount of force and are considered legendary amongst the uruk forces.

    Defenders Shield: Massive shields that protect their wielder from the vast majority of attacks. In the rare occasion that their bearer falls the Isengard forces around him do their best to retrieve it.

    Olog Sword. 12 foot long and weighing in at around 500KG it is impossible for a non Olog to wield this devastating weapon.

    Staves: Staves carved out of oaked in which men have been hung. They channel dark energies and enhance their wielders magical power.

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