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    Millitary Classes.

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    Millitary Classes. Empty Millitary Classes.

    Post by tommyrawhead on Sun Jul 15, 2012 6:47 pm

    The Isengard millitay is a very practical force. They focus far more on funcionality than the human and elven armies. The classes are very basic but their Uruk-hai are well trained and more disciplined than common Orks.

    Uruk Hai Classes

    Tier 1(Initate warriors): Given little in the way of command though still proficient fighters.

    Millitary Classes. UrukHaiCaptain

    Soldier - the Uruk soldier are the backbone of the Isengard millitary and are armed with cleaver like blades and shields. They are taught harsh discipline and to quickly obey the orders of captians and mages alike.

    Tier 2(Veterans): Given small units to command and are excellent fighters

    Millitary Classes. Creatures_Urukhai_concept

    Seargent - The Uruk seargent have access to better weapons and are often equipped with a side arm. They serve to command Isengards legions and train constantly (aka beat up on their men ). They consider themselves superior to other orks and are often seen as vain.

    Millitary Classes. LOTRO__Uruk_Hai_of_Sauron_by_gorrem

    Berserker - Large Uruk soldiers that cannot contain their fury become berserkers. Put into suicide squads and equipped with massive axes and swords, with little to no armor, they are sent into the heart of enemy territory to wreak all sorts of havoc and mayhem.

    Millitary Classes. Crossbow

    Crossbowman - Uruk archers prefer blocky crossbows instead of the curved bows of regular orks. They are powerful but never really allow any increase in skill on the archers part thus no advancement.

    Tier 3(Elites): Given high military command, Elites are the most fearsome of Isengard's forces

    Millitary Classes. 1547672-lurtz3za

    Captain - Captains of the Uruk-Hai race they control large numbers of troops and have generally defeated dozens of their own race in combat to be awarded thier status. Equipped with the best weaponry, some of them even being enchanted.

    Millitary Classes. FF-Uruk-swordsmen-port

    Defender - Also known as mage guards these elite Uruk-Hai are clad in heavy plate armour and given a massive scutum (or tower) shield so that they can easily turn away attacks. They are given one handed hammers to smash their enemies and are charged with sacrificing their lives in the defense of their masters.

    Human Classes

    As the forces of Isengard do no specifically cater to non magical humans the rest are left at somewhat of a disadvantage not being able to rise very high in the ranks.

    Tier 1(Meat Shields): Given the orders to charge into hordes of enemies in order to allow better forces to take the enemy unprepared.

    Millitary Classes. Ebb_20040217_Running_Barbarian

    Dunleding millita - Every troop counts even these poorly equipped rabble. They are often used as distractions and lures for traps.

    Tier 2(Veterans): Given the command of units of their own race and known to rival Uruk Hai veterans, these units are not to be underestimated.

    Millitary Classes. 180_eotr_noble_hunter

    Dunleding hunters - Some of the wild men know hunting very well and are thus put to work murdering the enemies beasts. They utilise a variety of specalised weapons and specalise in killing large targets.

    Beasts of War

    Millitary Classes. Ologhai6ie

    Olog-Hai: Also known as Half Trolls these evil beasts stand at aroud 8-10 foot tall and are both extremely stong and intellegent. They can speak but only in Black Speech. They also wear specially made armour and wield specially made weapons to big for even Uruk-hai. They are a truly fearsome foe on the battlefeild as they have no weakness in particular.

    Millitary Classes. Day+4+_warg+lotro

    Warg: Isengard wargs are not as big as their wild counterpart but are more loyal and better trained.

    Millitary Classes. Chaos_Spawn_2_by_rehabilitative

    Millitary Classes. Elijinn_by_cloister-d3am1v5

    Millitary Classes. Jhorlar_by_cloister-d3dylsb

    Millitary Classes. Ancient-creatures-sancient

    Abomination: These are the byproduct of having lots of wizards in one place. ranging anywhere from 8- 30 feet tall they are extremely variable in appearance and can have regular limbs ,pincers or tenacles depending on the circumstances of thier creation. Their abilities are also varied with some spitting fire and others secreting acid. The only constant is that they are all in pain and wish an end to thier wretched existance killing as many others as they can in the process.

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