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    Mounts, Armor and Weapons Empty Mounts, Armor and Weapons

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    Mounts, Armor and Weapons Game_Wallpapers-28.jpg_wallpaper_the_lord_of_the_rings_the_battle_for_middle-earth_2_02_1600_display
    *Sword: Though there are many types of swords, ranging from an Orc's scimtar to a Gondorian's longsword, they are most commonly made to stab and slash. Noldor swords being the best.

    *Spear and Pikes: Varying in size and construct they all share the common purpose as the primary defense against cavalry. Vanyar spears being the best made of them all.

    *Axes: The dwarven equivalent of a sword, the axe ranges in size from a small throwing axe to a huge two handed destroyer and used by men, orc, and dwarf. Due to their extended use by the dwarves, dwarves have since mastered the forging of axes.

    *Bows: The ranged killers for most warriors on Middle Earth, bows range from longbows to yew bows to shortbows. They are used by all factions and races, the Númenórean steel bow being the most feared

    *Crossbows: A deadly ranged weapon used solely by Uruk-hai

    *Maces and warhammers: Blunt weapons used to crush an enemy and his armor. They are used mostly but not exclusively by Dark Forces.

    Mounts, Armor and Weapons The%20Lord%20Of%20The%20Rings%20-%20The%20Battle%20For%20The%20Middle%20Earth%201

    *Cloth: Provides no protection at all. This is what ordinary clothes are made from.

    *Leather Armor: The lightest and least protective armor. Used mostly by archers, to provide flexibility and fast movement, at the expense of protection.

    *Mail Armor: Medium weight. Offers average protection and is mostly used by low ranked swordsmen and spearmen.

    *Scale Armor: Medium weight. Offers good protection against basic arrows and melee weapons.

    *Plate Armor: Heavy weight. Used by Gondor mostly, offers vert good protection.

    *Elven Armor: Made of elvish metals and materials. One of the best armors, made to accomodate elfs, although not exclusive to them.

    *Dwarven Armor: Made by dwarven craftsmen and from dwarven metals and materials. No doubtedly offers great protection.

    *Mithril Armor: The masterpiece armor, made by dwarves.

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    *Horses: Horses were the primary working and fighting animals in Middle-earth, They were generally used as mounts. Both the forces of good, and the forces of evil used horses in the wars and battles of Middle-earth. The Riders of Rohan, and the Nine Nazgûl were well known for riding horses. Horses came in many colors such as, white, grey, brown, and black.

    *Wargs: Wargs measured about five feet at the shoulder, and could be up to ten feet in length from snout to the tail. Rohan tapestries show the wargs to have a bearlike face with a long muzzle full of huge fangs and a long, prehensile neck; its eyes were small and set back to each side of its head, its ears at the back of the skull. This arrangement gave greatest sensory range while keeping its vulnerable areas protected, and the long neck gave it reach, flexibility and power when biting into flesh. There was a large well muscled hump above its
    forelegs, that propelled it at high speeds, not only allowing the beast to run swiftly but also smash and tackle prey and foes.
    Apart from its ruff, the warg had short dense fur, which would have kept injury from tooth and claw to a minimum. Not all damage could have come from the men and beasts it was attacking; wargs were ferocious and could quickly turn on other members of their pack as well as their handlers. Many warg riders displayed gruesome scars from encounters with their mounts. Coloration and patterning of the fur seems to vary throughout the breed, with mottling and other patterns appearing in shades of red, brown, fawn and liver, with harder patterning appearing toward the back. Powerful haunches and a dewclaw allowed the warg to climb.

    *Giant Eagles: Huge Eagles that are intelligent and can speak. They can also carry one rider and see through all materials. Giant Eagles also use their claws and beak to fight off enemies.

    *Fell Beast: They were like dragons, these beasts possessed qualities similar to dragons. No account describes them speaking or performing acts of notable intelligence, only serving as new and loyal steeds for the Nazgûl. Indeed, the combination of both mount and rider was certainly a horrific sight to the unfortunate souls who encountered them. The power and strength of the Fell Beasts was indeed very great, as they were able to lift both horse and rider up into the air, and drop them from several hundred feet.

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