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    The Haradrim Chronicle


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    The Haradrim Chronicle Empty The Haradrim Chronicle

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    Year 2941 : Present Day

    Harad's story begins with chaos. In Harad lay the most carnal of all men, considered lesser for their lack of civilization and knowledge. The Haradrim, barely worthy of such a title at the time, were barbarians and churlish. The brutes knew only survival and violence. They preffered to take another's possessions rather than craft their own. Indeed, they were quite warlike and were thought of as lesser man, simple carnal beasts that performed abominatable things without a second thought. It was simply a land that had contained a newer race, the race of humans. This is how Harad was, a wilderness of monsters, without a single thought of civilization.

    Then came the Númenóreans. Having voyaged to Harad through expansion, the Númenóreans stumbled upon those men of Harad. They taught the people how to be civilized, to build things, to grow things, to care for themselves. The Númenóreans were the friends of the Harad, teaching them everything they needed in order to become a great nation. For years, they thrived under the Númenóreans guidance and became a very rich country. An abundance of gold, spices, and other minerals became the famous products of the country, and soon trade was established. The Númenóreans taught them how to make ships and to sail. They taught them in archetecture, how to raise up marvels for all those to see. The Númenóreans taught them in raising livestock and riding animals such as horses or elephants. Númenór and Harad were closely knit friends, and soon there were many Númenóreans in Harad and many Haradrim in Númenór. However, the memory of what the Harad had became clouded the Númenóreans' mind, they started to view the Haradrim as savages, unable to become a noble race.

    Then, the Númenóreans' corruption continued, seeking for everlasting life all over Middle Earth, colonizing and conquering more and more lands. Suddenly, it had been made clear and it was official. The Númenóreans claimed Harad under their rule. Trade became tribute, servants became slaves, and pride had evolved into prejudice. Harad buckled under Númenór's harsh rule, but it endured, as it had in it's early days. But they were not defeated, for it had been foreordained that Haradrim would not be a lost people.

    The Númenóreans terrorized the Harad people, enforcing their iron grip on the country. They spat on the Haradrim in the streets, they forced the Southrons to give them their possessions, and there were often men found beaten to death in alleyways. This burned within the Haradrim memory, they would never forgive the Númenóreans for what they had done. Soon the idea of rebellion kindled within their hearts, and the fire that burned was not light but dark. This went on for many centuries, for Harad did not have the strength to fight so many and so powerful Númenóreans. But slowly they began to increase in numbers and powers of their own. They forged weapons, and trained themselves in the art of war. Soon all of Haradrim had become a war-based civilization, each and every one equipped with survival skills and the ability to engage in battle. Those who had retired took on the mantle of supplying future generations, becoming farmers, artisans, and teachers. They trained for many years for the moment that they would be ready, and at that moment they would strike with the cry of thousands.

    That is precisely what they did. A rising figure in the rebellion was Chalan, a man gifted in tongue, he united the people under one banner and led his warriors into a bloody rebellion against the Númenórean lords. It was a long war, but Chalan had kept the people ambitious and strong-willed. The Númenórean lords had one traitor, one such lord named Mogwyn. Mogwyn was a cowardly Númenórean lord, sending his troops to their deaths while escaping. He knew the Númenóreans were losing the war, and in order to gain the Haradrim favor, he fed them secret information on troop counts and locations. The Haradrim drove the Númenóreans out of Harad, and killed all the lord but Mogwyn, for his actions had helped win the war. However, at the very night they had been celebrating their success, Mogwyn had slipped poison into Chalan's many drinks. Most commonly believed that he had died of intoxication.

    With the death of Chalan, their uniter and leader, the tribes erupted into another war. Every tribe wished to name their tribe leader the king, and every tribe fought with each other. Alliances were shallow, and foes were remembered grudgingly. Just as one tribe rises up among the others, it gets overthrown and becomes what was generally accepted as a minor tribe. Indeed, this began what was known as the Warring Tribes period, a bloody ten years of fighting amongst each other for rule of the thrown. Mogwyn floated amongst the tribes, always offering his support to the ones who seemed to be likely to protect him and his cowardly plots. Many great tribes were destroyed in the war, as tribes began annhilating each other in blind greed for the throne, when they could not see the starvation and poverty that struck everyone, for no one had bothered to farm or trade. There was only looting and plundering and stealing. It was believed that this time was one of the most darkest of all Harad history, darker than the chaos it had sprung from. Then, at the Great Battle of Azkahar, wherein the inhabitants and it's leader were all massacred, the remaining tribe leaders gathered together and decided to unite into one nation once more. The heir that had chosen was the only son of Chalan, a young boy just blooming into adulthood, and eager for the throne. His name was Glallyn.

    Glallyn, barely more than a boy, held the favor of the tribes within him. Like father like son, that is what they believed. They chose him because they thought his image, like his father's, would unite the tribes again. They thought that he would continue his father's legacy and make Harad one of the most powerful nations in the world. However, Glallyn set one man as his advisor, this man was Mogwyn, the same man who had killed his father. Mogwyn had been a friend to Glallyn in his childhood, and led the boy to believe that Mogwyn was a close friend, even a role model. The tribe leaders were skeptical, as they knew Mogwyn was once a Númenórean lord. They had spared his life in return for the help, but that did not mean that they trusted the man to watch over the to-be-king. The boy grew, and then he began to lead battles, despite being an adolescant. They led into serious consequences, and one day the adolescant fell terribly ill. Mogwyn, having gathered a small conspirator, believed this to be his chance and attempted a coup with his supporters. His attempt failed, and the boy-king had him and those involved executed.

    The adolescent eventaully rehabilitated, but was never quite the same. He reshuffled and reorganized the Harad system that would make an impact on the Haradrim history for a very long time. The system was simple, each major city and surrounding area was known as a province or state. Rather than establish the leaders as those who were successful in battle, Glallyn deconstructed the tribes and relocated all those of a single tribe as far apart from each other as possible. He then made the new rulers the rich families, who ruled each province each equipped with their own personal army. This way, the ruling families were not as ambitious to take the throne. The establishment of aristocrats caused an uproar among those of Haradrim, they had never experienced life under the aristocrat families. The new tribes that were established were the major families, which were known as clans. This led on to become the Harad clans.

    Glallyn soon died in his mid-twenties, it turned out his illness was chronic and it took his life. He had two sons at this time. The first had died of another sickness, many believed it to be passed down father to son. The second son, named Yalan, was born a cripple. They branded him a deformed weak child, incapable of anything. However, by right, Yalan was the heir, and he ascended to the throne. When Glallyn had died, the changes he had made still enraged many, and everyone expected Yalan to fail in his reign and Harad to spin into war once more. However, Yalan was a military genius. After coming ascending into the throne, Yalan made more changes, which many did not understand, but was brilliant. He knew that genius was greatness not prowess in battle. With that Yalan supported the well-educated of the clans, those who knew politics and battle strategy. He established schools that focused on the battle of the mind before battle on the field, rather than produce brutes, Yalan sought to produce Haradrim warriors of military genius. His customs transformed Harad warfare to a whole new level, and brought them into prosperity. Now impeccable in all things war, Harad sent numerous armies out for expansion and war. Harad was about to get involved.

    Hundreds of years had passed and Harad had established itself again as a thriving and powerful dark nation, with an army of many and sophisticated battle tactics unique to the Haradrim. No longer was Harad a normal country, but it is now all militaristic. No longer had they dwindled in farming nor craftsmanship, life was all about the military. And if you were unfit for the military you were casted out and forgotten. Harad had turned itself into a single force of destruction. It swelled in size and power, Harad was constantly pressuring the adjacent countries with war and expansion. Indeed, Harad had risen up to a major power in Middle Earth. An ingenious, and yet young, mastermind trained in the art of war had risen up as king, despite minuscule blood relations to the last ruling bloodline. His heart is as black as the gold within his possession, rich with greed, and thick with hunger for power. There is one thing he wants most, and what is it? All of Middle Earth.



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