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    Dueling Arena Guidelines


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    Dueling Arena Guidelines Empty Dueling Arena Guidelines

    Post by Radiwalker on Sun Jul 01, 2012 11:34 am

    Dueling Arena Guidelines Duel_Arena_by_MysticDragons

    Welcome to the Dueling Arena!

    In this board, you can hold competitive duels with other role-players to see who is the best fighter. These typically take place outside of The Story canon, though they can be site canon if you wish to view them that way. There are only two simple rules that we ask of you to keep here in this board:

    1) All role-playing rules apply to the duels.

    2) Characters cannot die in duels unless the dueling parties agree beforehand that the duel will be a death match.

    See? Simple, painless, and easy to remember. Above all, have fun!

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