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    Elven Council Empty Elven Council

    Post by Radiwalker on Sat Jun 30, 2012 4:00 pm

    Elven Council CouncilofElrond

    Council Members: The Elven council consists of three members, the Aran and two councilors. The Aron is the ruler, while the councilors serve as advisors. However the councilors can remove the Aran with the help of the elven people (for more info on that look here)

    The Aran
    acts as ruler of the united elves, as well as the leader of the armies in peaceful times. While in times of war all council members, along with some hand-picked Tharons and/or Kános form a war council. The only restrictions for the ruler is that he has proven himself capable both on the battlefield and off of it. He is chosen by the people.

    The Elven Storyteller
    is the lorekeeper of all the elves. He reminds the people of their past. Keeps record of the rulers, as well as the common folk and adds to the records for future generations to read and learn from.

    The Elven Emissary is in charge of elven clan affairs as well as faction affairs. He is a skilled diplomat and often travels to allied and friendly factions.

    Requesting a Meeting: Anyone from the elven faction as well as from any allied faction and the embassadors of all other factions can request for a meeting with the council. It is not guaranteed that you will be granted one, but it is more than likely that you will. Fill in the following form, creating a new thread and wait for the council`s answer:

    Character name:
    Link to character profile:
    Do you want to meet with the full council, or any particular council member:
    Reason for meeting:

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