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    Playable Races Empty Playable Races

    Post by Radiwalker on Sun Jun 24, 2012 6:34 am

    Here is a list of allowed playable races and cultures:

    • Good Races
      * Dúnedain
      * Men of Gondor
      * Northmen
      * Drúedain
      * Beornings

      * Longbeards
      * Firebeards
      * Broadbeams
      * Stiffbeards
      * Blacklocks
      * Stonefoots

      * Vanyar
      * Ñoldor
      * Teleri
      * Sindar
      * Avari


      Evil Races
      * Goblin
      * Mordor Orcs
      * Cirith Ungol Orcs
      * Moria Orcs
      * Orcs of the Misty Mountains

      * Mordor Uruk-hai

      * Dunlendings
      * Black Númenóreans
      * Easterlings
      * Haradrim
      * Drúedain
      * Variags

      * Ironfists
      * Stiffbeards
      * Blacklocks


    Men were the second race of beings to be created and have the so-called "gift" of mortality, as opposed to the Elves who are immortal and are bound to the Earth upon death. Since the elves were the only beings in existence before them, they gave mankind several terms by which they are known. These include Atani (Second People), Hildor (Aftercomers), Firimar (Mortals), and Engwar (The Sickly). Other beings just refer to them as men (term applies to both males and females). Over the ages, Men have dispersed throughout Middle Earth, forming their own groups, identities, and cultures. The Most well-known groups are Rohan, Gondor, and Haradrim; however the other groups are the Numenorians, the Corsairs (sea-faring), Easterlings, Northmen, Dunlendings, and Druedain. Rohan, Gondor, Northmen, Numenorians, and the Druedain fight against Sauron, while the Haradrim, Easterlings, and Dunlendings fight with him.

    The race of men inhabit the lands of Gondor, Arnor, Númenor, Rohan, Dale, Harad, Rhûn, Khand, Dunland, and Umbar. They speak the languages of Westron, Adûnaic, Rohirric, Dalish, Rhûnic, and Harad. They appear to be between 5'6" and 6'4" (Around 7' for Numenorians). Human skin color ranges from white to black (depending on group) and the hair color can be black, brown, blonde, and red. Last, but not least, their lifespan lasts between 80 and 100 years.

    Hobbits, also known as Halflings, were an ancient mortal race. Although their exact origins are unknown, they were initially found in much of the north of Middle-earth and down the Vales of Anduin. At the start of the Third Age, Hobbits moved north and west. Most of their race eventually founded the land of the Shire in the Third Age.

    Hobbits speak two languages, Hobbitish and Westron. They have an average height of 2 to 4 feet and their skin colors range from white to darker colors. They have the same variety of hair colors as humans, excluding red. Hobbits are distinguished by their small stature, thick leathery soles, and hairy feet. They mature at thirty three, and generally live to be one hundred years old. They are generally known to be farmers and live quiet and peaceful lives.

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