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    Siege Units Empty Siege Units

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    Siege Units Dwarven_Charge_by_Spivak0001
    Dwarven Siege Units
    Dwarves have long been known for their siege abilities. The units that earned them this reputation are listed here.

    Siege Units DwarvenMiner
    Dwarven Miner
    The Dwarven Miner is the most basic siege unit available but not at all the least effective. Armed with a pickaxe and other mining tools they can dig under a fortresses foundations and sneak in a fort or even bring down sections of the walls. They are armored by chainmail and a miner's helmet just in case and are as capable as militia in melee combat. In defense they can be used to create new corridors or halls to travel in a Dwarven Hall to flank the enemy. Dwarven Miners also man all the artillery under Dwarven control. Under a competent General a unit of Dwarven Miners can be the most terrifying unit in a siege.

    Siege Units DwarvenBatteringRam
    Dwarven Battering Ram
    If there is a huge gate in the way of a dwarven offensive, they will usually call in the battering ram, a fearful sight on the battlefield. This is due to its effectiveness to bring down all but the strongest of gates. The battering ram requires only four strong dwarves but can be pushed by up to twelve dwarves. These dwarves can be from any unit thus varying it's melee effectiveness. However the battering does not protect against ranged fire thus usually guardians man the battering ram. What makes the dwarven battering ram so effective is its tip which is made of solid gold thus making it extremely powerful. Despite this a battering ram is only effective against gates and weak walls, nothing else.

    Siege Units Dwarvenballista
    Dwarven Ballista
    Use both in defense and offense, the Dwarven Ballista is basically a huge crossbow that shoot bolts that can bring down walls or gates, or take down a whole unit of troops. The Ballista is seldomly used in sieges however due to its ineffectiveness against walls, unless there are a lot of archers to fire at. It is, however, used a lot in defense against sieges due to its ability take down a whole unit of Orcs and having a semi quick firing rate. Under an apt General, the ballista is able to hold back a whole siege.

    Siege Units DwarvenCatapult
    Dwarven Catapult
    One of the most horrifying sights in a siege, the Dwarven Catapult is able to put a whole straight through most walls. It is perhaps the most powerful catapult in Middle Earth. Due to this it has a very low rate of fire. The Dwarven Catapult fires huge round stones that can be set on fire, and even Dwarves! Set on its lowest setting it can fling dwarves over short walls unharmed. If the Dwarven Catapult is used correctly, it can bring down any fortress in a matter of hours.

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