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    History of Rohan


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    History of Rohan Empty History of Rohan

    Post by Praetor on Tue Jun 26, 2012 3:50 pm

    History of Rohan Theridersofrohan
    The Kingdom of Rohan is a young one compared to the others, and the origins of the Rohirrim are not clearly known. However, the events leading up to the formation of its people are known. So I will share with you the story of Rohan's creation and everything that led up to that point...

    It was originally believed that the Rohirrim were descendants of the Northmen of Rhovanion, those who were believed to have settled in Numenor in the First Age. However, many noticed a stronger similarity to the Beornings, who dwelt in the Vales of Anduin, and the Men of Dale that inhabited the area between the Lonely Mountain and the Long River. But that was simply speculation, and there is no evidence to suggest that is the truth. Anyhow, a small population of these Northmen broke away and settled in the eaves of Mirkwood under the lordship of Marhari, one of the most powerful princes in Rhovanion. They fought alongside King Narmacil II of Gondor against the Wainriders, a group of mounted Eastern Warriors fueled by Sauron. That war was a success, but the remains of the Northmen were scattered throughout Rhovanion. A group of them was led by Marhwini, son of Marhari, to the north where he became the first chieftain of the people who would become the Rohirrim.

    These people settled in the vales of Anduin where they lived for a long time while they repopulated and continued their allegiance with Gondor. They became known as the Eotheod, or horse peoples. As the Eotheod, they gradually won back more and more of the lands of Rhovanion from the eastern forces. However, as time passed the Eotheod population grew as well as their wealth. There came a time when the Eotheod needed more land in which they could expand and become a more powerful ally of Gondor. During one of their numerous wars with the Easterlings, ROhan came to the aid of Gondor in Calenardhon, saving them just as all hope seemed lost and driving the easterlings far away. As a show of gratitude, Cirion of Gondor (steward)rewarded Eorl (lord of Eotheod) with Calenardhon as a land for the Eotheod to dwell in. In return, Eorl swore to Cirion in what became known as "Eorl's Oath", everlasting friendship to Gondor and aid in the fight against the East. Eorl thus became the first King of Rohan, and his army sent north for their wives and kin. Coming into the land of Calenardhon the Eotheod were named anew the Rohirrim in Gondor, and named their new realm the Mark of the Riders, and themselves the Eorlingas.

    Now, the Rohirrim are once again facing off against the Dunlendings who have come out of hiding in the mountains to the East in another attempt to raid and pillage Rohan. Their forces are strong, but they are NO match for our horses!

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